It is the mission of Grassroots Hoops Club to educate the whole person. It is recognized that participation in our program contributes a great deal to the student-athlete’s overall educational experience by teaching leadership, teamwork, and the ethical behavior necessary to succeed in the world in which we live. Success is measured not only by wins, but also by the development of skill, the cultivation of team and community spirit, and the ability to develop a productive academic, social, spiritual, and personal life.

The goal of the program is to provide an educational environment which fosters teamwork, collaboration, discipline, respect, personal responsibility, and sportsmanship. Grassroots Hoops Club is committed to the full integration of athletics into the essence of higher education and to the values of cultural diversity and gender equity. The priority for the program as a whole is to help student-athletes reach their academic, athletic, and personal potential through their overall experience within the Grassroots Hoops Club Program.

Try Outs

9U Through 14U  

Registration 11am Tryouts 12pm-2pm

15U through 19U 

Registration 1pm Tryouts 2pm- 4pm

Burnsville High School

600 Highway 13 East

Burnsville, Mn 55332